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Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 Things I Say Every Day in Vietnamese

1. cảm ơn = thank you
2. đẹp = beautiful
3. cà phê đá = iced coffee
4. ống hút = straw
5. em ơi! = hey you!
6. tính tiền = bill/check
7. ba mươi tám = 38
8. người Mỹ = American
9. là gì? = what's that?
10.không hiểu = I don't understand


Hyp0xia said...

Only one question: Where did you learn "don tien?" When I request a bill, I always say tính tiền, tính meaning to calculate. I did a quick Google search using the keywords "Vietnamese bill don tien" and the only relevant thing that came up was this blog post.

Anyway, don't forget the word xấu. I find that the Vietnamese need to constantly assess whether things and people are beautiful or ugly.

Nancy Lewis said...

Thanks Hypoxia. I surely spelled that wrong. I'll change it in the post :)