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Friday, November 26, 2010

Shanghai Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Last night we gathered with about 30 members of the Shanghai Vegetarians Club for a tasty Thanksgiving meal. Most of those that attended were not American - there were Chinese, Germans & Canadians in the mix - but everyone had a nice time sharing a yummy meal & lively conversation together.

We hired a local cafe to host the event. We gave them some recipe ideas & they whipped up a tremendous banquet for us. There was brown rice with pumpkin, garlic mashed potatoes, spiced apple cider, & even pumpkin pie. The meal was absolutely delicious, & it was wonderful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with a great group of people.


michelle said...

kind of interesting... all those people from other countries celebration an American holiday. Of course being thankful is not exclusive to Americans... and I don't know if any other country has a day designated for giving thanks.

Nancy Lewis said...

I know that Canada also has a Thanksgiving day, but it's earlier, like in Septemeber or something.