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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

This year I'm spending Thanksgiving far away from home, in a country not my own. My family will gather together to celebrate, sharing food, stories & laughter. My friends will spend the day with their loved ones, sharing the warmth in their hearts. They'll watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. They'll eat yummy Thanksgiving food. They'll take naps to the sounds of football on TV. They'll be together & I'll miss them terribly.

Yet I am so fortunate. I am free to explore this amazing world we live in. I have friends & family members that love me across oceans. I live in a city that has nearly everything that I want, & lots of things I never knew existed. I'm learning a new language & getting better at it all the time. I meet interesting people every day who teach me about life & about myself. & I have hopes for the future.

Thank you for letting me share this incredible journey with you.

What about you? How are you fortunate? 


scott said...

I knew you'd get good at the language. Happy day (or two?) after thanksgiving to you. :-)

Nancy Lewis said...

Thanks Scott. Happy Thanksgiving to you :)