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Monday, October 18, 2010

Beijing: Night Market

After our hike on the Great Wall, we needed to refuel, & what better place to find some grub than at the local night market?

This was no ordinary night market. There were no pirated DVDs or knock-off brands here. Instead, there was stall after stall of nothing but Stuff on Sticks. I was in heaven.

That is, untill I saw all the crazy stuff they actually put on those sticks. Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to upload any more photos at the moment, so you won't be able to see the starfish the size of my hand on the end of a skewer like a magic wand. Or the slimy eels spiraled around a stick, the sharp end jutting through their eyeballs. Or the three-inch scorpions, black & shiny waiting for someone to chump into them. Nope. You won't see any of that. It sure was fun taking those photos though.

Luckily, we found lots of viable things to eat at the night market as well. Debra had chewy pumpkin cakes - on a stick. I had dumplings & a vegetable wrap - no stick. I also found what they said was banana somethings, but turned out to be fried dough balls sans banana. Yummy anyway.

The prices were ridiculously high. I paid 12 RMB (about US $1.80) for five dumplings. Back in Shanghai I can get ten dumplings for 3 RMB. Highway robbery. Or "tourist tax", one.

We ate & ate until we could eat no more. I felt like Templeton at the county fair. Afterwards we rolled back to the Happy Dragon Hostel, happy.

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