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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vietnamese Bike Maintenance

Today I went with Katie, the newest teacher at my English school, to a different supermarket than the usual one, mostly for the change of scenery. We often spend our days searching out new ways to pass the time, since we seem to have so much of it.

We had ridden our bicycles there, & as we were leaving, the parking attendants decided that Katie's bike had something wrong with it. Before long, a whole slew of Vietnamese were offering their advice on the problem.

We had no idea what they thought was wrong, but soon Katie's handlebars were removed, & one of the guys hopped on his scooter & sped down the road in search of parts.

We waited almost an hour for them to finish before Katie finally decided to tell them that we had to leave. They hastily reattached the handlebars & we were off. The bike was worse for the "help", but we still made it home okay.

Later, our friend Jimmy took the bike to have it repaired properly. What a good sport Katie is.

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