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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birth Control

What I won't do for a buck.

I spent Saturday night with a raging three-year-old. She is obviously used to getting her way, so when I tried to exhibit some sense of authority as her babysitter for the evening, she wasn't having any of it. She screamed at the slightest indication that I was in control, throwing an angry tantrum until I gave in to compromise. I tried to get her to play with me in her playroom. "No!", she screamed. "Get down from the counter", I chided. "No!", she replied. "Do you want me to read you a story?" "NO!!", she sneered. (Sigh.)

She was slated to go to bed at 8:30pm. Whatever. After hours of happily wielding her Toddler Power, she finally fell onto her pillow around 10:00pm, exhausted by all the ranting & raving.

When her parents came home, I politely thanked them & left, glad that I don't do this on a regular basis.

1 comment:

Charlene said...

Egad, do I NOT miss babysitting!!
Birth control indeed! :)