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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2001: An Odessey

As you may well know, I love reading books & I love to travel. But when I read a book on travel I tend to take into account when the book was published: Was it pre- or post-2001? The line that separates the past from the present is quite thick. I see much of what was written before 9-11 as amusing travel anecdotes. The books published after 2001 - or better yet, after 2003 - are much more useful in terms of getting the information I need for my own upcoming journey.

In what ways has 9-11 changed your perspective on life?


Wendy said...

It hasn't. Sad but true. No impact whatsoever.

Gantry York said...

It hasn't changed me nearly as much as it has changed my government.

It is the change in my government that has changed me.

I loath Neo-Conservatism.

As a traveler in other countries, the conversation usually goes:

ME: "My name is Gantry, nice to meet you."

OTHER: "Where are you from?"

ME: "I'm American.....but I didn't vote for Bush".

Charlene said...

I agree with Gantry, 100%.