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Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks for Serving

On my way to Chattanooga to see my parents, I had a connecting flight in Dallas. There were several soldiers in the airport, walking to & from their gates. I overheard some people asking this one or that one if they were coming in or going out, a little chit chat about the weather here versus the weather there. Almost everyone thanked the soldier for serving before they parted ways.

Dallas might be a hub for traveling soldiers, so I could have seen more of them there than I would have at a different airport. Even so, I feel that this part of US life just isn't a part of my life in China. In Shanghai, I follow the news from home, but what I read seems like news from a far-off land, like reading about an earthquake in Indonesia - tragic but somehow not altogether real.

I wonder if that's because I live far from home - because the US is a far-off land to me. Or do people living in the US also feel this way?

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