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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Good to Be Home

It's so good to be home in Arizona! The weather is gorgeous, the sky is blue blue blue. The palm trees sway & the mountains glow golden in the light of the setting sun. Oh how I've missed the desert.

I've spent the last few days visiting my old haunts with old friends - I went to my favorite bookstore, had yummy Ethiopian food, & shared beers at my usual brewery. I even went to both Whole Foods & Trader Joe's to buy food to take back with me to China.

In the afternoon, I passed by my old house to check on it. It's sitting there unlived in, but pretty much the same as I left it. I could see through the fence that my vegetable garden is still there, though there is nothing growing in it. The poppies that I planted several years ago are starting to spring up. My front yard was always so beautiful in the spring time.

Driving around town I felt almost like an imposter. I was going here & there, not needing to ask for directions, knowing the best route to take between stops - like I live here. It's so strange. It feels so comfortable here - like I never left. I have to keep reminding myself that I live in China now.

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