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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shanghai Rock Climbing Gym

Last week I found one of three rock climbing gyms in Shanghai: the Hengyi Rock Gym at Hongkou Football Stadium. This gym is fairly close to my apartment - about a half-hour bus ride.

When I got there, there was no one on top rope...

... But there were plenty of people bouldering. About half of the climbers were Chinese, the other half were foreigners.

I paid the 40 yuan fee (about $5.70) & took out my gear. It had been about eight months since I last climbed, so I was prepared for a short session knowing that I would get tired quickly. I shoved my feet into my tiny little climbing shoes (ouch!), & started warming up.

Soon, a couple of climbers introduced themselves. One was Chinese, the other a Spaniard. Another opportunity to speak Spanish! We chatted & bouldered together for about an hour. My new friends tried to teach me a few rock climbing terms in Chinese, & I learned the Spanish word for "rock gym": ¡roc√≥dromo!

It was such a great night. I'm really looking forward to climbing again!

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