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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Month in Shanghai

I arrived in Shanghai one month ago today. Even though I haven't been able to explore much of the city yet, I feel like there is so much potential here.

Just about anything I want is here: a variety of restaurants, great shopping, museums & other cultural sights. Plus, there are lots of expat social groups for me to join. This year in Shanghai there is a literary festival (where Junot Díaz & Peter Hessler will speak), an  interantional film festival, a music & art festival, & the 2010 World Expo. There is something going on all the time!

I got very lucky with my job as well. My school is relaxed but still organized. The teachers are easy going. The students really seem to be interested in learning English, which makes teaching fun & rewarding. Many of the classes & programs at the school are similar to those that I had at my Spanish school in Arizona, so it's been easy for me to jump right in.

I'm so happy to be here in Shanghai. I'm really looking forward to tapping into the pulse of the city!

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