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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life for Sale

I finally sold my grandmother's dining room chairs today. Six in all: $100. I've had them for about 15 years, since my grandmother died. They've been through lots of moves & lots of roommates. Six less things on my list of possessions.

I'm in the middle of getting rid of all of my stuff so that I can live life traveling. I've had a couple of yard sales, reducing my useless stuff quite a bit. But I still have some useful stuff, too. Some of it I've been passing on to friends, but I've been listing several of my "nicer" things on Craig's List, hoping to generate a little bit of travel cash. But the interest that I get from Craig's List is fleeting at best, so I'm glad that the chairs finally sold.

It's amazing how long it takes to "un-do" yourself & leave conventional living behind.

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joe said...

I know what you're feeling. It's kinda sad. I held on to a lot of old furniture my dad had given me when I moved out west. Slowly over time I got rid of most of it. There are two items I will not get rid of: my grandfather's office chairs, my grandfather's mounted sailfish. Still here. Will always have them. But, for example, and old dining room table that I grew up eating dinner on as a kid, and that my dad said was a civil war map table (and therefore a historical relic)... Just got rid of it last year. Mpved that thing around with me in u-hauls from sate to state for nearly a decade. Finally let it go.