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Monday, January 30, 2012


I attended my first ever cricket game over the weekend. It wasn't the big leagues, but I didn't know the difference.

I sat on the lawn with the other spectators - a family day out. The sun came out for a bit, but then hid behind some menacing rain clouds. Luckily, they never quite followed through on their threat.

I watched for three hours, trying to understand what was happening. Mostly it seemed like a lazy day for the players as well. The fielders hung out & watched as the batters jogged from wicket to wicket. Children gathered at the fence line for autographs from the closest player. & after 50 overs, they all broke for lunch, at which point some of the spectators went out on the field to play their own cricket games.

I didn't stay to the end - that would have taken another four hours after lunch. Aparently, this was a very short game. Many cricket games can go on for four or five days. You'd have to take days off from work to see a whole game!

Although I didn't really understand much of what was happening, it was a nice day out in the park. I'm looking forward to catching a rugby game while I'm here in New Zealand as well. It won't be the All Blacks because their season won't start until after I leave, but I won't know the difference.

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