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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Organic Produce in Shanghai!

My lifestyle has changed quite a bit since I left the US almost two years ago. When I lived in Arizona, I was pretty active. I used to go hiking, camping & rock climbing on a regular basis. I went to yoga classes three times a week & stopped at Whole Foods for my daily dose of organic goodness. I grew my own vegetables in my backyard & I rode my bicycle everywhere. I even recycled.

But my life here in China looks nothing like that. I do walk around the city a lot, but I don't get nearly as much exercise as I used to. Rock climbing & yoga are figments of a distant memory. & I have dramatically lowered my standards for what I will eat - these days I'm just happy if I can get something that resembles a vegetarian meal. I just don't know how to be healthy in Shanghai.

But I'm making headway. One of my little successes came last week when I discovered an organic grocery delivery service here in Shanghai. I was so excited! I clicked through the offerings on their website, trying to choose what to order - I wanted one of everything. I finally decided to order their Seasonal Veggie Pack, which included 2.5 kilograms of mixed organic produce for 150 RMB (about US $23).

The delivery came this evening after work. I rushed home to see what the Organics Fairy had brought me.

The box was huge - 2.5 kilograms is a lot of veggies. I got a massive daikon radish, the biggest bunch of celery I've ever seen, a buldging bag of string beans, a head of cauliflower, a head of cabbage, & five or six bags of various other leafy greens - all organic! All for me to eat!


Scott said...

Nice! You are funny. Organic Vegetable fairies! :-)

Nancy Lewis said...

Tee hee :)

Katie said...

what did you do with the daikon? i bought one once and was bewildered with it.

Nancy Lewis said...

Hey there Katie! Welcome to Blogger :) The daikon was huge, so I got several goes with it. You can use it like potatoes & make a soup, or you can cut it up raw & put it in salads. It's also good shredded & rolled into nori wraps with rice. Yum!

Katie said...

thanks nancy!

ah, ive always used it as a radish, just raw in salad. i have a russian friend who likes to put it in noodles as a garnish too.