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Friday, April 1, 2011

Band Concert Do-Over

I may have been denied the pure awesomeness of Hanggai last Saturday, but this band did a pretty good job of being second best.

Last weekend, I went to Yuyintang, one of my favorite music venues here in Shanghai, to see a band called The Black Atlantic, a foursome from The Netherlands. Their music is mesmerizing, their harmonies are tight, & their hair is unruly. Quite frankly, any band that uses an accordion & a ukulele in the same song successfully demands applause.

For your listening pleasure, the band plays their song Ella on the Great Wall of China. Notice that there is no one - NO ONE - on the wall that day. Utterly astounding.

All this great music is part of the Jue Music + Art Festival, which continues through April 3rd.

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