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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stair Master

I've been in Shanghai for almost three months now, & haven't done any sort of exercise since I got here. At least in Vietnam I rode a bicycle everywhere. But here I just walk five minutes to work & that's it. I'm starting to feel squishy.

So I decided to take advantage of my surroundings. I live on the 22nd floor, right? Why not climb the stairs for exercise? The other day I got myself all psyched up to try it. I put on my workout clothes & my hiking shoes, grabbed a bottle of water, & took the elevator down to the first floor.

I was at the top in five minutes. Huh? I was pretty sure I didn't skip any floors. I was definitely breathing hard by the time I got to the 22nd floor, but how is it possible that it only took me five minutes?

I took the elevator back down to the first floor & climbed the stairs again.

1 comment:

Steve Skinner said...

Man, you must have been hauling!