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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bluegrass! (Sort of)

I'm always looking at Shanghai's City Weekend to find interesting things to do on my days off. This week I found a posting for a bluegrass band. Bluegrass in Shanghai?! I had to see it.

It took me two hours to get there - that's the way things go here in the largest city in the world. Once I found the place, I was warmly welcomed by the band members & local bar flies alike. Turns out that there was no cover & free wine for ladies' night - yahoo!

The band played mostly folksy rock tunes, but they did play a couple of bluegrass songs as promised, including Cripple Creek, which my friends back home sometimes play. They were all good musicians, but the mandolin player was extra amazing.

They play every Thursday, & although it's a trek to get there, I may go back again next week. Bluegrass makes me happy.

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