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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blue Pill Red Pill

The Matrix (1999) was a great addition to Pop Culture, in spite of Keanu Reeves. The blue pill vs. red pill question is still being discussed, nine years later. Almost everyone that talks about the dichotomy, however, says that they would definitely take the red pill. I think they're all liars.

I see so many people every day who have without a doubt been taking the blue pill for a long time, myself included. When we see someone who has taken the red pill - or is considering it - we don't understand. We ask questions, try to convince them to back away from the red pill, try to steer them over to the blue pill. Why? Because even though we like to think that we are red-pill takers, we're all very happy to swallow the blue pill. Maybe ignorance really is bliss, & we know it.

The movie Equilibrium (2002) makes this point as well.


Gantry York said...

My brother is one who has chosen the red pill. He chose to live life on his own terms. He refused to conform. Born to be wild.

He found out how deep the rabbit hole goes, now he will spend the rest of his life trying to escape from it.

Wendy said...

I don't think that ignorance is always bliss. When one looses their memory, there is no bliss--more sadness and frustration. I often wonder when I look into the eyes of some of the children that I volunteer with, who cannot communicate in our world--if they are happy. If they could communicate, I think they would prefer any pill, blue or red... Personally I think I created my own purple pill...a little bit of both. Anyone want one?