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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reading the local news

I love reading the local paper in the places I visit. They give a lot of insight into what's important to the community, & since I'm not personally invested in the outcome of the stories, it's a little bit like eavesdropping on the lives of the local residents.

I'm currently in Sydeny, Australia, where surfing & beach lounging are a big part of summer life (Australia is just going into autumn now), which is reflected on almost every page of the local Manly Daily. Not only that, but the slant of the articles shows just how strong Australians can be when faced with a challenge.
Take, for example, this article, in which a surfer rescued herself when no trained lifesaver (American English: lifeguard) came to her aid.


Or this one, which describes a routine training session on disentangling a whale from a fishing net.

But I think this one is the most telling of all: "A number of surfers remained in the water" after being warned that a shark had been sighted there.

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