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Monday, March 5, 2012

Housesitting in Turangi

As I've said before, I love housesitting because it feels much more like home than any hotel would - even if it's someone else's home. Many people say they don't like to visit touristy sites when they travel, that they prefer to see how the real people live. Well, this is certainly the way to do it!

I'm currently in Turangi, New Zealand, on the southwest side of Lake Taupo. I'm staying at a small farmlet about a kilometer from the center of town. There's a decent-sized vegetable garden & a few fruit trees around the property. My companions include two dogs, two cats & five chickens, & our neighbors are two beautiful horses.

I'll be spending two weeks here taking care of the animals as I continue to teach English online. There are a lot of hiking trails around here, & there's kayaking on the river. Plus, there is a bit of thermal activity in the area, so I'll have the chance to relax in some hot springs while I'm here.


rmbmajor said...

That is so cool, Nancy! The house is very charming! Hope you have an amazing time!!

Nancy Lewis said...

Thanks Mel! It is quite a cozy place to stay :)

Scott said...

Sweet! How do you keep coming up with these sweet house-sitting gigs? :-)

Nancy Lewis said...