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Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 Things to give a traveler

During the holidays, we like to remember our friends & family with cards & gifts. But what do you do when there is a traveler in your life? They might not stay in one place long enough to receive anything you could send through the mail. It might seem hopeless to include them on your holiday card mailing list.

But there is still a way - the internet is a wonderful thing. There are so many digital gifts & e-cards out there. Besides, your traveler probably doesn't need any more stuff. Here are ten things you can give a traveler without weighing down their luggage.
  1. Credit at for Kindle e-books, digital music & more
  2. Virtual language lessons - a couple of my favorites: ChinesePod, Lo Más TV
  3. Online exercise classes -
  4. Netflix membership - the streaming only option
  5. A membership at Hostelling International
  6. A donation to their favorite charity - I like 
  7. Your unused frequent flyer miles
  8. A tour in or around their current location
  9. A visit - meet them somewhere!
  10. A phone call -
Wishing you a happy holiday season & a new year filled with adventure.


Scott said...

Great ideas Nancy. I'll have to work on that last one!!

Scott said...

Whoops, meant number 9, second to the last one. :-)

Nancy Lewis said...

I'll settle for a Skype call for now, but it would be great to see you down under, Scott!