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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My New Distraction: Red Bubble

I've been looking for inspiration to be more creative in my daily life - sometimes I forget to be inspired whilst elbowing my way through the rat race.

While surfing the web the other day looking for said inspiration, I stumbled on a really cool website called Red Bubble. It's a community of artists from all over the world who post their work for all the world to see & comment on.

There are groups on the site with themes such as "Vibrant Colors" or "Trees" or "Shadows & Reflections". Each one holds challenges to inspire its members, & the other memebers can vote for their favorites.

Red Bubble might just be the inspiration I was looking for. I can certainly learn from other photographers who are more experienced than I am. Plus, my little point-&-shoot takes some pretty amazing images, & I'm excited to be able to share them with the online community.

Take a look at what I've posted so far:

My photos on Red Bubble


Katie said...

my favorite is the fire hydrant in shanghai, i thought it was terracotta pottery for the longest time!

the photos are gorgeous nancy. reminds me a lot of the "textures" folder you had on facebook.

Scott said...

Hi Nancy! Pretty cool! I like your pictures. I didn't know you were a photographer too! At the redbubble site it looks like people can buy your pictures, from postcards to large canvas prints. You get a cut of that?

Anyway, you have a nice eye for the pictures.

Nancy Lewis said...

Thanks guys!

@Scott: I do get a small portion of the sales. Got any friends who need incredibly large posters of fire hydrants?!