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Thursday, March 24, 2011


MaryAnne over at A Totally Impractical Guide to Shanghai is surveying the masses about the need for travel, & I got the chance to put in my two cents.

She asked me to break it down into four categories: Leaving, Staying, Maintaining Stability and The Future. Here's a tidbit from each section.


Motivation? Economics, adventure, a need to be unsettled for a while. I had lived in Phoenix for 13 years & was bored with the sameness of daily life. I wanted to shake things up a bit.


Most people seem to want to settle, even if they moved to China to do it. They don’t understand my nomadic cravings – nor do I really, but there you have it.

Maintaining Stability

I’m restless. Not sure why, but I’m not trying to figure that out any more – or change it. I’m starting to understand that I should just go with it – who else has the opportunities that I do? It would be a shame to waste it on settling.

The Future

Can I stick it out? Do I have the guts to stay? I’m not sure.

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