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Monday, January 11, 2010

My First Day at School

Today was my first day of orientation at EF, my new school here in Shanghai. There were five other teachers who were also new to EF. A school representative met us at the hotel & showed us how to use the bus to get to the main office near People's Square. There we had coffee & took a look around the center.

Then another representative took us to open bank accounts, get passport photos for various administration purposes, & buy cell phones & SIM cards. We took a break for lunch, & in the afternoon we met more of the staff members & signed our contracts. Everyone was very nice & welcoming.

The main office takes up several floors in a high-rise building downtown. It's very stylishly decorated, with banks of computers for student use, as well as several classrooms, lounging areas, & even a pool table! It looks like a well-organized forward-thinking company.

I won't be teaching in the main office, but in a school in the northern part of town in Hong Kou district. I'll go tomorrow to find the school & explore the area. I'll also start looking for an apartment that's close to my school.

1 comment:

scott said...

Sounds very crisply organized. And like there may be many teachers which may bode well for weekend travel companions? Hope so!